23andMe kit

I’ve been wanting to try one of these genetic testing services for a while.  I was tempted when the 23andMe kit was on special for $99… but, it wasn’t until they dropped another $20 to $79 that I decided to finally bite the bullet.  I’m pretty confident my lineage is English, Irish, Polish, and French.

I purchased the kit on February 5th, it shipped on February 6th, and I received it on February 10th – pretty quick.

23andMe kit open

STEP 1:  Register the kit.

register the 23andMe kit

After opening the kit, you’ll be bombarded with reminders to register your kit before you mail it.  Registration of the kit is simple enough.  Head over to link provided, create/confirm your account, and then enter the bar code number from the vial.  You’ll also need to consent or decline to the ToS, sample storage, and further research.

STEP 2: Spit and ship.

23andMe spit filled vial spit vial in bag

You must abstain from any oral interaction for 30 minutes before spitting in the vial.  The fill line didn’t look too intimidating, but it actually took a couple minutes to hit the line.

STEP 3: Mail and wait.

23andMe mail it

UPDATE FEB 13 – Kit mailed.

UPDATE FEB 19 – Kit received.

UPDATE FEB 21 – “Isolating and purifying your DNA from your saliva.”

UPDATE FEB 24 – “DNA extracted for analysis.  Reading your DNA with a genotyping chip. ”

To be continued…